Empty spot in my heart this morning, missing my companion of the last fortnight.  The excellence, the excitement, the athletes,  the performances, those bodies!  The finest expression of athleticism no matter your favorite.  Rio, I’ll miss you, Tokyo, I can hardly wait!

Evan Jager and Emma Coburn, please get married and be prolific!

Galen Rupp!  Jared Ward!

Jenny Simpson!

Clayton Murphy!

Sam Chelimo!

How about those fellas in the Women’s 800 meters!

Relays 101.  This is a stick.  You get it around the track.  Period.

Congrats to Colin Morrissey (Team Nebraska) and Angee Nott (Southern California Track Club) and Stacy Shaw (Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.).  Winners at our USATF 1 Mile road race, Arrows to Aerospace.  Colin overall, Angee and Stacy just 4 seconds apart.   Muy interesante!  Andrew Jacob and Ryan  Regnier of LRC Racing also  participated.

Our 1 Mile Association Championships barely  supported by our USATF Clubs (mine included).  Steadfast refusal  to cross the river continues,  I thought it was just me.  I swear I-80 goes both east and west.