Having a beet smoothie with one of my beatniks.  He’s not a runner but had some questions about marathoning.  Here in Omaha.

Beatnik: “So the Omaha Marathon this Sunday is put on by HITS in Saugerties, NY., right?”
Me:  Well, yeah.
Beatnik:  “It used  to  be put on by the  Omaha Running Club? ”
Me: Well, not really.
Beatnik: “Say what?”
Me:  Long time Race Director Susie Smisek came to ownership of the event and sold it to the HITS group.  The Omaha Running Club and our community were merely  stunned.
Beatnik:  “What’s the USATF State Championships  designation all about?”
Me:  Ideally it represents the most competitive and talented athletes in our sport.  Stay tuned to Monday’s column

Beatnik:  “So  the Omaha Running Club puts on the Heartland or the Nebraska or the Cornhusker Marathon?”
Me:  The ORC is hosting the Heartland Marathon on October 2nd.  It will be the RRCA State Championships.  The Road Runners Club of America embraces and celebrates the most social aspect of the sport.

Beatnik:  “You are starting to lose me here, but I’ll bite, Nebraska Marathon?”
Me:  Yes, October 16 with a sweet course downtown.   Progressive, local response to the ripeness of the fruit, laying right on the ground is how I call it.
Beatnik:  “Ground fruit?”
Me:  Yes.  Little to nothing has changed in Omaha Marathoning in the 15 years I’ve lived here.  The Omaha Running Club sticks to their culture and formula.

Beatnik:  “So  you see this as a natural changing of the guard?”
Me:  “The fact that HITS can trump us in our own streets speaks volumes.  The  fact that the Nebraska Marathon is establishing  itself does too.  Road racing is a  product and the consumers speak with entry fees.  Should be  an interesting 30 days.
Beatnik: “Cheers”
Me: Here’s mud in your eye!