Well that went worse than I thought possible, but still I can’t say I’m surprised.

Our USATF Nebraska Association Marathon Championships had a grand total of 1 competitor.  No men, only one female, Shannon Mauser Suing of Gretna.

Lincoln runners won’t run races in Omaha.  One Team Nebraska athlete, zero LRC Racing and zero NRGE runners.  NRGE did perform well in the half and 5K however.

So y’all have spoken and I’ve listened.  When I moved here in 2001 I was shocked and dismayed at what I called the  “Abyss”, the gap between Omaha and Lincoln running communities.  The Platte River may as well be a million miles  wide.

I  built Team Nebraska to bridge that disconnect.  And it worked while I was riding herd.  Brought athletes from every corner of the state together.  It took an extraordinary effort.  That was then, ending in 2012.

The Division stands, perhaps wider now than ever.

Begs the question “Why?”.

My answer is leadership.  What’s yours?