We had the pleasure of Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Doherty last Friday night.  Both he and Mandy Sue as close to kin as can be, loved like our own.  They know me well enough to grasp the gravity of the following tale I shared:

When I wasn’t running my mouth during the Freedom Run Half Marathon lead bike duties it was very introspective.  Blood coursing along retired pathways.  Easy pace reminiscent of recovery days of yore.  The leader, at 50+, mature enough to take or leave my easy banter, making it peaceful for 1:22 and change.

The morning  sun and perhaps  the gods  themselves gifted me.  As I rode along, the shadow of our leader struck perfect juxtaposition.  Same height and weight as me, same stride length, same turnover rate.   I drifted off to a Reverie.  My Shadow, My Stride.


Running again.  Easily and fast for an old man.

It was Real.  My Reward.  For a Lifetime of Service.  Run Runner!   Run!

The Shadow Knows.