Hope you caught the opening act of the circus.  The two headliners running roughshod over The Invisible Man, moderator Lester Holt.  Silliness abounds!

The Real Dangerous stuff followed.  Each news channel’s political pundit putting the spin they wanted you to  believe.  Don’t you believe it!  Only seeing is believing.

I gave Linda an analogy this morning.  How one person can so corrupt the truth, put such a charming spin, smiling out one side, sneering out the other, all dressed up on the outside, purely rotten on the inside.  Absolutely convincing to the weak, the malleable, the lost, the lemmings.  With no basis in reality.


My tomatoes nearly done, I’ve sold 2642 pounds and cooked down another 300 pounds for the coming year.   Now recharging the soil with some manure ordered from Churchill Downs, no  sh*t!  My 15 years of  working with Nebraska USATF LDR allows me to stand right in the middle of it and not sully my white t-shirt.