Jeff Bass was a janitor at U.S. Industrial in Pasadena, TX.  I was a first year non degreed lab technician back in 1979.  He was in his 70s at the time and nearing retirement.  Full of  lessons that only a black man growing up and living during the 20th Century could speak to.

One of his favorite “Bassisms” was “Lips is Lips”.  Maybe Jeff had been a friend or advisor to Donald Trump at some point?

Another of his classics has even deeper meaning.  In my  early 20s I  giggled not understanding the depth of his mores.

“It don’t get hard, but it sho do get heavy”.

Jeff Bass was talking about life.  His optimism now clear to me.  No matter how  burdensome the load, it is never too much.  If you really love life, have the gusto for every day, are committed to your goals and passions and ideals, the load is never too heavy.

Flip a coin.  Nebraska Marathon this Sunday?   New York City  November 6th?   California International on December 4th.

Come on Nebraska!  Citing and thanking my reference Chuck Smith who declares there are a grand total of 29 sub 3 hour marathons for our state in 2016, only 3 this fall.  There were 49 in 2015.  There were 62 in 2014.

So have you all been banking your marathon skills for Nebraska Marathon?  NYC?  My  guess  is  there will be a strong contingent of variously attired mates toeing the line at CIM.  With 243 feet of elevation gain  and a net drop of 552 feet, it remains the  favorite fall flavor for fast feet looking to set personal bests and Oly Trials qualifiers.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.’s Coralie Eilers will be making her marathon debut at Sunday’s Nebraska Marathon.    Another of our young ladies (she and Bree Adams both in their early 20s) that are earning their distance  chops and I’m just giddy(up!).

Pete is in Indiana now.  Freaking amazing.  Still a couple days ahead of WR pace.

Watched Noah Kunasek rush for 175+ yards, score 3 touchdowns and a pair of 2 point conversions as Burke defeated Omaha North 45-22.  That’s our boy!