“When the man comes to you
Tells you what you always knew was coming
You feel it came too fast
You always  thought the world would last way past you
But now you find its  time
’cause there’s nothing left around you
Spaceship Orion’s there waiting to part the air above you”

Readers of a certain vintage will recognize the song title and lyrics.  One of the most personally influential bands of the 70s and 80s for me.  Soothing through a tumultuous childhood.  The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  I’ve cited them here before (“Chicken Train, Runnin All Day!).

Shawn Love is the founder of the Kansas City Smoke.  USATF Elite Development Club.  Hasn’t rode heard over the Smoke for 8 years, our stories so eerily similar- a top club in the U.S. being co-opted by burgeoning membership with different ideas and agendas.  He’s from Fair Grove, MO, home to the Daredevils, they’re old friends with him.  So when Shawn invited me down for perhaps their final appearance I just couldn’t resist.

Linda and I made the 500 mile drive to Shell Knob, MO on Friday.  I drove the entire way.  Got to our Cabin (The Green Cocoon), Linda  pulls it up 4 feet and locks the keys in the Jeep!  Inauspicious start that got tremendously better.

A day trip to  Eureka Springs, AR on Saturday.  Reminiscent of Manitou Springs, CO.  Hip without all the Branson fluff and stuff.  Folk Festival on the main downtown stage.  Fascinating architecture, friendly people.

Snapped out of slumber Saturday night by big footfalls on our deck,  the rummage of trash cans.  El oso negro!  Black bear!  Not unusual in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest.

But the highlight of the whirlwind weekend was the VIP treatment Shawn bestowed on Linda and me.  One on one, meet and greet time with the Daredevils.  Front row seats in the tiny Fair Grove gymnasium.  An autographed guitar being raffled off, my favorite number 12 the amount of tickets I bought ($10!).

After the show a member of the audience called up, hand into hat, winner extracted.  Me!

Back at the  Bar None by 9:30 yesterday morning, pulling depleted pepper plants.  Market now over, only a pick or two left for the restaurants.  Quilted schematics already developing for next year’s crops.  This week I’m putting in 400 garlic plants, feet on the ground, face to the sky.

Spaceship Orion’s there, waiting to part the air above me.




Shawn Love, Founder Kansas City  Smoke.  Me, Founder Team Nebraska, Founder Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Two old warriors that made/are making a mark nationally in developing post collegiate athletes.