Criss Cross Apple Sauce.  Linda and I like to read to each other.  A lot.  She recited the top qualifiers for this Friday’s Nebraska State XC Champs.  Muy interesante!

Class A boys, Millard West’s Seth Hirsch’s 15:02 puts him head and shoulders above.  Class B boys, Jackson Larsen, Omaha Gross- 16:02.24.  Class C boys, Aidan Wheelock of Minden (16:47).  In Class C-4  is my personal favorite , Jack Lindgren of Ogallala (17:00), we’ve never met but hope to remedy that Friday.  Class D is led by Elijah Frasher of Aquinas in 16:33.  All class gold goes to young master Hirsch.

The girls are bunched considerably closer.  Top Class A are Taylor Sommers of Millard South (19:05), and Anna Jennings of Papio South (19:07).  Class B led by Maize Larsen (Gretna, 18:48) and Whitney Riesen off Scottsbluff (18:54).  Class C’s Christina Soto-Stopak of Boone Central/Newman Grove 19:25 showing the way there.  Class D best represented by Cameron Hucke of Hastings  St. Cecilia state qualifying leader of 18:47.  All class gold should be a real donnybrook between the returning All Class champ (Somers), defending class B champ (Larsen) and my dark horse surprise pick, the altitude trained Riesen.

Looking  forward to getting to know Jack.

Pete is now 5 miles from Pennsylvania and a mere  280 from his destination in NYC.  4 more days until history is re-written.  Run Pete Run!