In my lifetime, the Cubs have won the National League Pennant!  Four more.

Pete finishes up his transcontinental adventure today, a full 3 days ahead of the existing world record.  Not much hasn’t already been said.  I heard from my old  buddy Dave (RD, Boston Marathon) on Friday, he was excited to be running with Pete yesterday.  I’ll just say again how proud and lucky we are to have him as part of NRGE, Inc.

Congratulations to Seth Hirsch (SR Millard West) and Mazie Larsen (JR Gretna) on their all class golds this weekend.  Dominating their respective classes, Seth’s final romp, Mazie another year to go.  15:04 and 18:32 the fastest times I’ve seen from Kearney.  Next year’s race should be a doozy with a bunch of hungry lads no longer having to take hind at the state table.  The potential on the girls side seemingly endless led by Larsen and this year’s surprise of the meet Rylee Rice (FR Ainsworth, way out there off the Cowboy Trail) in 18:34 for 2nd best time of the day.

Congrats  to Coach Colin Johnston on his Class A team sweep.  And a special tip of the sombrero to Coach Sean McMahon and his Fremont harriers, only two points back on the fella’s side.  Class C girls top 3 SO, FR, FR.  Class D boys SR, SR, SR.  Class D girls had but 1 SR represented on the top 5 scoring teams combined.   My namesake Jack (JR, Ollagala) finished a fine 10th boy in Class C.

Bryan Health Capital City Classic (whew!).  New name and apparently a new race.  The race formerly known as the Governor’s Cup has new life and better support by the local competitive community.  Sorry we missed this one.  In 2015 top 3 men were 52:32, 57:31, and 58:08.  This year, Trevor Vidlak’s 52:12, and 52:39, 52:59.    But it was the 5K I am conjuring images of, seems to have been the local race of the weekend.  Matt Tebo in 15:31, Peter Falcon in 15:32, Johnny Rutford in 15:36, Nolan Border in 15:41, Joe Coil in 16:21 and Colin Morrissey 16:37 all ripe and ready.  Best performance of the day in Lincoln by Jessica Tebo taking 9th o/a in a wake up call to every other female in Nebraska 16:48.

And finally the Goatz 50K at Lake Cunningham yesterday.  Can’t find results but Kaci gets the course record in 3:45:46.   Our Jeremy Morris and David Frost repping as well as Cory Logsdon and Tim Langdon and Tim McGargill from Trail Nebraska.