42 8 34

Days, hours, and minutes it took Pete to run from SF to NYC.  New world record by almost 4 days.

Pete has transcended the surly bonds  of merely mortal.  Now recognized globally as a running god.  He’s touched and inspired thousands with this incredible feat of endurance.

I’d like to be in his head this morning.  Did he wake at the regularly scheduled time?  Did his legs and heart and mind compel towards another day of running?  Or in his head yesterday with just an hour of running left.  The sense of  accomplishment, the friends, the memories all cascading into one final push.  Were there tears?  I can’t imagine the overwhelming tsunami of emotions.

All of this and much more.  Pete’s experience of a lifetime.  42 days, 8 hours, and 34 minutes that have elevated Pete Kostelnick  to the stuff of legend.


Pete and his road dog Kyle.  Both have had an immense impact on how I define elite level running.