Pete is being celebrated everywhere and deservedly.  Front page quote and twenty eight pages over on Let’s Run.  First time I’ve been there in a while, still populated by trolls and fools, but as always a nugget to be had amidst all the ca-ca.  What caught my eye this morning?  Outrage over a new trend in road racing.  Paying extra to be timed.   I saw this at Omaha’s Race for the  Cure.  I mean March for the Cure.

I’ll go down with my ship.  The SS Real Racing.  Standing proudly at the bow, all but the most loyal of mates having already jumped.  Obsolete epaulets.

The roads now co-opted by every charity out there.  Calling their fund raisers races.  Less than 1% of charity driven runs can legitimately fill that bill.    Dressed up in their novelty, their “virtual” accomplishments, their walkers, their participation medals, their non-running administrators.  No official times?  No shit.

“So Willie”, you might say.  “That’s the new reality in our sport.”

NO!  That’s not my reality at all.  My reality includes pain and suffering and sweat and only one winner.  The Winner.  Winners.  Does anyone remember those?  Does anyone even care?  If you read me I’m betting you do.


Boomerang.   I sold the Rocket on Labor Day.  Fella from We$t $hores saw it in my drive, made me an offer I couldn’t refu$e.   Same fella shows up  yesterday.  Real good guy.  Big life changes necessitating a strange twist.  Signs the title back over to me.  Right then and there.  Just like that.  No kidding.  New whitewall tires, detailed, more mechanically sound than ever.  1973 Delta 88 Royale.  455 Rocket engine.  71K original miles.