Kicking off with Kudos to Kaci (48:36).  The 38th Living History Farms Race saw a Nebraska winner, the first since Matt Pohren several years ago.  Charlie Paul of Runablaze Iowa tops overall in 40:39.  His mate Ben Jaskowiak 2nd (41:00) and Nebraska newcomer Matt Tebo (41:12) 3rd.  Cory Logsdon of Team Nebraska 4th in 41:13, hell of a race right there.

LRC Racing took the team title.  Ryan Dostal 5th, 27, (42:22), Brian Wandzilak 9th, 36, (43:03),  Andrew Jacob 11th, 30, (43:18), Ivan Marsh 15th, 42, (43:29), Cole Marolf 17th, 26, (43:50), Joe Coil 28th, 25, (45:37) and Logan Watley 34th, 29, (46:42) taking the measure of the Flash Running Club out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, those 7 amazing lads average age 18.  Runablaze Iowa, despite having the top two finishers couldn’t catch the kids or LRC due to lack of depth (1-2-41-50).

Two  things.  Two sides.  Two ways.


The NEBRASKA MODEL.  All USATF competitive clubs sponsored by the Lincoln Marathon.

The IOWA MODEL.  Gold Level Sponsorship:  BIX 7, Des Moines Marathon, Dam to Dam, Get Me Registered, Living History Farms.  Silver Level Sponsorships: Drake  Relays  Road  Race, Fitness Sports, Market to Market(!!!), Park to Park, Runner’s Flat.  Bronze Level Sponsorship: Capital Pursuit, Fifth Season, Midnight Madness, and Sturgis Falls joining forces for competitive excellence in Iowa.  All sponsoring Runablaze Iowa.

How about that M2M Silver Level?  Absolutely none of my business I’m sure.  I’ll just keep my focus on advocating for Nebraska athletes and clubs. 

 Cal Murdock called me in 2005.  He was setting up a new USATF Competitive Club called Runablaze.  He was hoping to model his club after my own at the  time.  I was glad to assist.  He has been able to do things I never could.

Same sport.  Two different climates.  Two different leaders.  Two different results.