Arf!  Doesn’t seem to matter where you are or what time you’re running, its steamy.  Some Expert Advice on swelter training and racing in the July/August issue of Running Times, aptly titled “Summer Heat Issue”.

I did 3 X 1 Mile @ goal BIX pace this morning.  Three minute recovery between each effort, and those pace efforts were adjusted for the heat index.  Hit the first two spot on (7:21, 7:16), allowed my wings a boon on the 3rd in 7:03 to simulate a torrid finish on Saturday morning.   While I will be running with pride I’ll be leaving the Real Racing to our younger mates and Linda.  She zipped 8 X 1/4 this morning and is looking to be tough in the masters division.

Yesterday’s business got me to thinking about how diversified Team Nebraska Brooks is.  That is one of the things that I am most happy about, and indeed insistent upon.  We are advocates for serious athlete regardless of station or cultural background.

“Regardless of what training method is used it absolutely cannot guarantee success in racing.  Training merely makes successful racing possible.  A runner must also have the will to win, a subconscious desire for victory, courage, tenacity, and a competitive “killer instinct” to transform the racing potential resulting from good training into reality.”   from RUN RUN RUN, by Fred Wilt, 1964


Tonight’s Wednesday Night Track Work, 6:00 pm, Millard West:
1-1.5 mile warm up and warm down
2 X 200 @ 5K -:10, 200 jog recovery
2 X 400 @ 5K, 1/4 jog recovery
2 x 200 @ 5K -:10, 200 jog recovery
1 X 400 @ 5K

I had two Greyhounds as a child.   Pogo and Katie were beautiful animals that seemed made for speed.  My own joy for running pales compared to when these dogs were free and fast, it was their very nature.