For those that have it all, more of the same.

For those lacking, your needs be met.

-a personal or age graded best.
– three goals, 1) achievable 2) ideal 3) dream
-good food for your belly
– loving partner and family
– good sleep
– good knees

Halos for those that don’t know they deserve one

Pitchforks for those that think they do

A drug free, clean and level playing field

Warts to those that cheat

Course/Event records for every USATF Certified course

Course/Event records for every  ‘ish course

Battle Royale at 2017 Ni-Bthaska-Ke

Brogan Austin (Runablaze Iowa), Joe Moore (KC Smoke), Tanner Fruit (fastest Nebraska ex-pat), Al Sanabria (fastest unattached Nebraskan) Luka Thor (Team Nebraska),  Johnny Rutford (LRC Racing) and Grant Wintheiser (Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc)  on the same start line.

$$$$ to put on my boy.

Courage of your convictions

Olympic Trials qualifying performance in any race from 400 meters to the Marathon by a native Nebraskan, still living and training in Nebraska or any non-native Nebraskan living and training here

Trust and confidence of our native Nebraska athletes in the legitimate developmental opportunities offered by our USATF program.

A bona fide offering of financial support for our jumpers and throwers and sprinters, precedent exists..

For me,  proper guru chin whiskers