Another thought provoking title I hope.  Two ways to look at it.

Here’s One Way.

There are some of us that have been in this game for a very long time.  Like you, we were young and full of piss and vinegar, felt a duty to challenge, rebel, insist on our way.  And at some point came to understand and respect those that came before us.  Learned to work with them, learned to learn from them.  All while maintaining our own idealistic visions  and goals.  This  is the way of the world  after all.  But do dare to push the establishment, without that  we’re right back to  square one.

Craig Christians.  Jim Craig.  Ann Ringlein.  Mick Freeman.  Todd Nott.  And more I’m sure.   Greybeard event managers I’ve dared assume to rub shoulders with.   I’ve become one myself.  Challenge us!  Do your duty to make things better for those that will Just As Surely Challenge You.  Its your responsibility to elevate the sport for the next generation.

Here’s the Other Way.

Only a few days until we start a new year with new challenges and new opportunities.  Your competitive slate awaiting tales of personal greatness.  Stories of difficult challenges.  Stories of despair (I can only hope you feel despair, for the hotter the fire the harder the steel).  Stories of loss and hardship and struggle and pain.  Tests of Will.  Stories of hard fought battles ultimately won.  Stories of plateaus and breakthroughs.  Stories describing new accomplishments.  Stories for your lifetime.

All Before You.


Santa gets little Happy New Year back to Father Time right at the last bong!  The greybeard passing it on, same as it ever was, same as it ever will be.