Jaws!  Rocky Horror Picture Show!  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!  Mandingo!
The Hustle!  Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!  My Eyes Adored You!  Jive Talkin!
I was a senior in high school in 1975. Anxious to run away from Atwood Illinois.

Fast forward 42 years and I still Love To Love You Baby, sixteen minute extended play style.  A dozen eggs to every runner under sixteen minutes at this coming Saturday’s Dalton Gang 5K! 

Fellas!  Hey fellas!  Say Hey Fellas!  Valentine’s Day Runs    As of this morning we’ve got 55 women and 18 men registered, just saying.  Come find that lovin feelin!

Love me some racing!  Lauren Stroud from my old digs in Lake Jackson, TX continues to impress taking the overall at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, 1:17:07.  Let’s dial that race a little closer to home, Chris Kimbrough won the Lincoln Marathon with an Olympic Trials qualifying 2:44:57 in 2007.  Now age 47 she covered 3M in 1:23:00.

Cory Logsdon celebrated a birthday weekend with the W in the 1 Mile (4:31.01) at the Dennis Young Classic at Buena Vista University.  Our mate Jay Welp was 5th (4:37.70) and Cory’s Team Nebraska mate Ross Lorber (4:41.42) followed in 6th.   In the 3000 Meters Cory finished 2nd overall (8:48,72), his mate Peter Falcon (8:55.19) was 5th,  Jay 6th in 9:07.72 and Ross 7th in 9:08.55.

No Frills 5 Mile went off without a hitch or its race director thanks to the kind contributions by Tom Whitaker and the  Omaha Running Club.
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Kaci joins Miguel, Tim and Todd.  No Frills, plenty of competition!

Jen Freeman always tough in Plattsmouth!


Likely the men’s lead pack, one of Shannon Stenger’s  boys up front.


Team Nebraska always loads up No Frills competition.  *photos courtesy of Jose Badillo

Doesn’t matter whom or where you race.  Just Giddyup!