The second in my “Philosophical Friday” series.  Building on last Friday’s “MAN AS ALLIUM”.

Billions of cells alive and dead.  Plants, animals and all things,  utterly dependent on those smallest organisms, alive and dead.   Man above all with the highest call and purpose.  Ability to use some of those cells for cognition, consideration, free will, and action and joy and regret.

Hierarchical cells.  Assuming important  roles at every level.  Autonomic most primitive and advanced.  Breathe.  Pursuing comestibles for the food slit.  Eat.  Bacteria and flora and fauna.  Excrete.  Man.  You are you and you are what you eat and you are what you excrete.

Earth.  Its crust made of man.  Man made from earth.  Earth made from man.  Civilizations.  Cells.

What remains then?  What is left in a millennia?  Cells.   Alive and  dead.

And Spirit.  Imbued cells.  Gift to Man.  Greater Good.  Educating.  Enlightening.  Entertaining.  Enduring.

What will your living cells do  with the gift?