Another of my dear, sweet Linda’s favorite lines.  Usually after I’ve spent countless hours studying, pondering, tinkering, figuring, estimating, finagling, analyzing, ad infinitum.  She will pull the veil of difficulty with the simplest solution.  Sometimes it really is the most obvious answers that escape me.

Talking with  Ben Holmes  this  morning.  He’s a throwback like me.  We see things similarly when it comes to putting on races.    The Nebraska Trail Run  * is the oldest consecutively run trail event in Nebraska.  And it doesn’t come close to the great work by Ben and his Trail Nerds.  I’m inclined to admire and respect those that have done as much.
* I’ve got a message in to Jim Craig, he may have a trail run with longer credentials

Let’s move it back to the roads though.  Our 4th annual Valentine’s Day Runs started in 2014 with just a small handful of runners, most of them comped entries to my former Team Nebraska mates.  2015 we grew to 30 runners.  2016 we inched to 35.

Linda recognized something.  All you do is make the Valentine’s Day Runs more appealing to everyone and stop trying so hard to cater to the elites.  And now we have 104 registered as of this morning.

Not including the Elites.