Always happy to lend out volumes from my personal collection of running books.   Jackie Freeman just finished “Slinger Sanchez, Running Gun”.  Loved it.  Written by my old  buddy Bruce Glikin of Houston.


Here’s the big reveal.  It is based on a real runner.  And he lived for a time in Omaha.  And he was faster than you.   The fastest that has ever trod the roads of Nebraska in fact.   Anytime.  Anywhere.  A Texan.  This much is true.
Leonard Hilton.  National Champion in the Mile in 1973 & 1975.  Personal best of 3:55.90.  Finished 3rd to Pre at the ’72 Olympic Trials 5000 (13:40.20).  The old  timers will remember Leonard moved to Omaha from his native Houston.  Maybe a few of them even got to run with him.

One way to inspire others  is to share stories of excellence.  To remind that there really were those that came before.  To put efforts and times into a bigger perspective.

I moved here in 2001 and with just a couple of exceptions (Kurt Keiser comes to mind), the mid 16s doldrums held sway, trumpeted as greatness.  I called BS, dared to insist that a locally decent time is just that.  Had a lot to say about women’s running too.  With just one exception (Christy Nielsen) saw the need for vast improvement.   Hubris born from 7 years as head of Women’s Athlete Development Program.

I’ve lost some of my most valuable books as loners.  An original “Training The Lydiard Way”, lent out and never returned.  “Arthur’s Boys” meeting the same fate.  Just my two favorites.   The risk you take.  Its worth it.