Its full on here at the Bar None.  Dozens of flats started, little seedlings emerging from most.  Stubborn stragglers requiring a sprinkle of faith.

Linda and I have cut our teeth in the organic gardening arena and now its time to get down to business.  But the business end is my least favorite suit.    Cost analysis, bleh.  Yield projections, blek.  Market trends easier when you set them.  We tend towards the leading edge, bold selections requiring an educated public.  Salesmanship.

It is the down and never dirty work that appeals most to me.  Hands and knees, or as neighbor Dave regularly reminds, “nothing but assholes and elbows!”  Probiotics from the soil bolstering our immune systems before we ever taste of our efforts.

Chores.  Start at dawn.  End at dusk.  Loving every day, every sprout, every leaf, every fruit of Real Labor.

Perfect metaphor for the life Linda and I have chosen.  Working together.  Side by side.  Every day.  Two Peas in a Pod.

Sewing seeds of love.