Can you dig it?  I’m fortunate for the foundation shared with Brooks Running.  They’ve been gracious enough to have me in the family since 2003.  That loyalty goes both ways.  For 6 years sponsorship that included an entire club, its own chapter.

Linda’s Valentine’s Day request wasn’t roses or fancy dinner or trip to the spa or new car.  “Grape Arbor, about this tall and that wide”.  OK, I can dig that.

Eight hours on the business end of a sharpshooter (spade) and post hole digger yesterday.  Fourteen holes 8″ x 3′ deep, footings.  Trench 12″ x 6″ x 64′, foundation.   Going to warm up plenty enough tomorrow or Friday to pour some concrete.    20′ x12′ Greenhouse.  I start the same process today for the new  20′ x 10′ chicken coop.

Our kind benefactors at “W Realty” will be out soon to erect the structures.

Building  strong  foundations with good footings.  To last.  By my own back.   Like my running community able to withstand the harshest winds, the glaring heat of all hell.