A little chilly yet to crack the morning windows but the dawn chorus awaits.  All the happy little birdies contributing their song.  Life in Spring.

Was this the best winter, training  wise, in memory?  Are you as February Fit as ever?  Not race fit, not personal best fit.  Unless you are running indoors with a purpose, in which case your specialty requires mostly indoor training.  Outdoors, The Good Mother has offered a head start.   Ironic twist that our Grand Finale, The Halley’s  Comet 5K & 10K may be in jeopardy of cancellation with several inches of snow to roll in Friday.  If the roads are clear its a go.  I’m hopeful that the park’s history will shine again and will be clean as a whistle.  If its a mess its off, no sense in just going out and putting one foot in front of the other and calling it a race.  Its all about going after fast, legit times.

Linda’s knee is rehabbing like a modern medical marvel.   I can’t wait to see her running down the road again.  Even a mile or two with me.


Linda’s grape arbor Valentine’s Day present took a couple extra days but is all done.  Every piece of wood, every screw, scalloped fencing, re-purposed from the property.   I even hand cut the straps from old corrugated tin.  Thanks to our friends Jimmie and Mandy Sue for coming out and pitching in!


I grew three varieties of mustard last year.  The  pods cured in the barn for the last few months and here are hand threshed.  The mash sifted multiple times to capture innumerable little savory seeds that will flavor dishes for months to come.   Poupon U.