One of those days I knew would roll around.  No regular retirement.  I go now on my own terms.

Consulting my crystal ball I see the Future of USATF LDR in Nebraska.  Flourish and ebb and flourish and ebb.  It will survive.  And as of last Friday without author and architect, energy and angst.  Formal resignation to LDR Chair Colin Morrissey after an epiphany.   I gazed into the orb and realized the current iteration is simply growing into its time, becoming what it means to this generation.

I leave USATF LDR Nebraska with this:

Thank USATF for what you have.  Your programs, your clubs, your sponsorships, your opportunities.  Your trips.  Your competition.  Your memories.  Many of you have been around long enough to remember when there was no USATF.  No Team Nebraska, LRC Racing, NRGE, no Women Run Nebraska.  No opportunity at all for post collegiate athletes.  Please find a way to support the program that has given you so much.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. now my only priority.  I’ll continue to advocate and coach and write.  And keep my eyes on the future.