I threw my allegiance behind USATF Level I Coaching credentials on Monday.  Not the end of the coaching rainbow and maybe not even necessary.

My coaching career started as an apprentice under John Peterson (Joliet, IL) in the early 90s.  That first athlete stood on the podium at the Illinois State Meet and I was hooked on helping others achieve their potential in running.

Coaching Education continued throughout the 90s and into the early oughts under the  steely eye of the master, Jim McLatchie.   Studies through the 2000s, learning aspects of the craft from recognized leaders such as Joe Vigil, Keith & Kevin Hanson, Greg McMillan, Bob Larson, Tom Cotner, Dennis Barker and many more of the most successful coaches in the United States.  Twelve years of USATF annual meetings, gathering of the great minds and athletes, gaining more knowledge and input from those that matter the most,  The Athletes.  And the books,  my library swells with tales of inspiration and education.

After working with hundreds of athletes  of all abilities I finally submitted to the Level I curriculum in 2014.  I know a little but don’t know it all.