Good luck to all the fellas, regardless of kit, that are taking their talents to Chicago for this weekend’s 9th annual Shamrock Shuffle 8K Elite Club Competition.   You need two things.  First, a current USATF membership, individual or club.  Second, a modicum of local talent.
As an equal opportunity pundit I’ll take a shot at these softies:
5K- M@ 17:00, W@ 19:00
8K- M@ 28:00, W@ 32:00
10K- M@ 35:00, W@ 40:00
1/2- M@ 1:18:30, W@ 1:29:30
Marathon- M@ 2:45, W@ 3:10
Why do I call these standards soft?  Because of my personal bests- 16:19, 27:12, 33:55, 1:17:15.  If I would have considered myself elite (or sub elite or semi professional) I would have been laughed all the way out of Texas.  Soft or not, each athlete has an opportunity to put up a mark to hang their hat on.  The competition will be there.  A stacked deck.

Keeping with the theme, an interesting spread in elite/qualifying marks for our top 3 teams in Nebraska.  Team Nebraska’s standards mirror those I set for our USATF Athlete Development Program back in 2010.  I’m digging deep into the archives trying to find the last time anyone from our association met one of those marks.  Grant’s uncontested 14:38 @ Race For The Cure in October came close, his 10 Mile at State Farm last Saturday surely good enough.  Still a lot of Real Racing to come this spring!

LRC Racing qualifying times:
5K- M@ 16:45, W@ 20:00
10K- M@ 35:30, W@ 41:00
1/2- M@ 1:19:00, W@ 1:30:00
Marathon- M@ 2:50, W@ 3:10

Team Nebraska standards:
5K- M@ 14:20, W@ 16:45
10K- M@ 30:00, W@ 35:00
1/2- M@ 1:07:00, W@ 1:18:00
Marathon- M@ 2:23:00, W@ 2:48:00

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc:
5K- M@16:29, W@19:59
10K- M@ 34:59, W@ 39:59
1/2- M@ 1:16:59, W@ 1:28:59
Marathon- M@ 2:45, W@ 3:05