Busy weekend.  Our 11th Nebraska Trail Run in the books.  Weather gods smiled.  Big thanks to our volunteers and participants.  Biggest kudos to the excellent course design work by Kyle Clouston.

NRGE’s Jeremy Morris took the title at the Rockin K  50 Mile (8:46:30), nice work mate!  Jeff Greg didn’t have the day he hoped for  but still completed the marathon distance.

Frosty  Anderson was the Nebraska Association President when I founded the LDR Program in 2001.  Anne Shadle ran for me under the Red & White kit.  Both were critical in the formative years.  Both were inducted into the University of Nebraska Hall of Fame this past weekend.  He for football prowess, she for being one of the top studettes to ever come from Nebraska.

Shamrock Shuffle in the books.  Team Nebraska and LRC Racing sending full men and women’s teams.  Jay Welp and Tin Nguyen for NRGE, Inc.  Twenty some Nebraskans competing in a Club Championship event.  How  can I not feel a certain pride?

Those rascals over at Runablaze Iowa!
Runablaze Iowa “A” 3rd Overall
1. Devin Allbaugh      23:35
2. Brogan Austin        23:43
3. Zach Baker            24:27
4. Ben Jaskowiak      24:29

Runablaze Iowa “B” 10th Overall
1. Austin O’Brien       24:25
2. Trai Bunch             24:57
3. Charlie Paul           25:19
4. Nathan Hopp        25:51

LRC Racing “A” 11th Overall
1. Johnny Rutford     24:30
2. Nolan Zimmer      25:20
3. Ryan Dostal         25:26
4. Tim Meyer           25:41

Team Nebraska “A” 12th Overall
1. Colin Morrissey     24:41
2. Peter Falcon          25:00
3. Cory Logsdon       25:01
4. Josiah Belzer         26:25

NRGE, Inc.
1. Tin Nguyen      27:13
2. Jay Welp           27:57

LRC Racing Women’s “A”  9th Overall
1. Hayley Sutter      28:45
2. Michelle  Paxton  29:37
3. Bridget Easley      30:12

Team Nebraska Women’s “A”  16th Overall
1. Shannon Suing         29:14
2. Kira Belzer                30:31
3. Kayte Partch             30:36