I love people.  All colors, all sizes and shapes, every mix and match imaginable.  Each person contributes a unique little something to the fabric.  Their piece of the quilt no less important than mine and yours.  That little tear in the corner over there?  It  too adds character to the story.  What an interesting, delightful, befuddling world we live in!

I cooked supper for two other couples and Carl last night.  The youngest member of our jambalaya jam 30 years my junior.  I-Phone connected at the wrist.  A never ending series of snap chat videos.  Exclusively featuring her beau.  Screen capturing every comment, every look, every nuance.  For the record.

That really creeped me out.  Engaging my filter in my own castle.  Who’s recording what and when and where and how.  But mostly, Why?

I’m not a selfie fan and I sure don’t want anyone recording my actions without permission.  Think I’m paranoid?  It has happened at least twice, that I’m aware of.  Kansas City 2011, an unfriendly Omaha lens following my every move at the Hospital Hill Team Challenge.   Houston, 2012, this time being videoed on the dance floor at the Brooks Post Olympic Trials Party.  Another Omahan with an agenda.  I’ve never seen the photos or the video.  I know a few people that have and would like to ask that mostly question, “Why?”  And let them know that I harbor no hard feelings, it was quite a tumultuous time for us all.