Almost went with “14 HOURS STRAIGHT”.  Up and at em yesterday morning.  Flock now numbering 55 birds.  Two cats.  Jedediah.  350 tomatoe plants started in pots, same number of peppers, half that of eggplant, and more.  All need tended daily.

We picked and washed for market last night, Olde Town Elkhorn is as bohemian as the Old Market.  We have our foot in that door and I’m happy about that.  Here’s a secret:  A new microbrewery going in this fall.  A bunch of like minded merchants that see Potential in the small town charm.

Maximo’s Mexican restaurant is muy autentico!  Boyd & Charlie’s BBQ.  Bella Vita Italian.  And we tried out Shevy’s Sports Bar & Grill for the first, but not last, time last night.  “Mom” had bought some produce from us and invited us down for dinner after.  Glad we went.

A trio from Omaha I still want to run with.  One of them relaxing with a cocktail when we walked in.  I nearly walked past before Tom Lewis corraled me.  He is one.  Dave Sutej, you are another.  And Gary Dougherty makes three.

These three fellas were privy to a chapter of my life that I still have yet to fully explain, other than owning up to my end.  That is what I want, why I want.  To thank them together.  To reflect on the hows and whys of the birth of competitive long distance running in Nebraska.