Just couldn’t resist.  Heath Mello, better luck in your next mayoral effort.

Rushed out to the rain gauge this morning, full half inch indicated.  Thank you Good Mother.  But I did lose a little sleep last night, pondering the heaviest drops impact on our newly set tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  You plant them deep for extra stability and hope for the best.

All before noon.  Monday morning we planted 112 peppers, multiple varieties.  90 tomatoes, 45 eggplant, 24 hills of cucumbers.  Yesterday I potted 80 parsley plants, same number of “Toothache” plant, and twice that of Genovese basil.  Moldavian Dragonhead Balm, say what?

Linda and I have built the reputation of Bar None Produce on our Best Organic Practices, that’s the Good Work. The fun part is offering unique items that shoppers won’t find at any other stand or store.  I get to educate and sell to a more sophisticated clientele at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market, Saturday morning’s from 8:30-12:30.  I refuse to grow kohlrabi, green beans, or sweet corn.  Offering instead Beira Tronchuda, Nero de Toscano, Dwarf Siberian, Red Ruffled and Dazzling Blue–all varieties of kale.  Glory of Enkhuizen cabbage.  Yaya carrots and Vermont Cranberry beans.  Our pasture raised hens, $6/dozen for their eggs, fairly flying off the table.  We are creating our own niche, you get the idea.

The same approach I bring to Excellence In Athletics applies to our garden.  I’m striving to become the best market gardener, Bar None.


Red,  White, & Blue.