I’m enjoying this summer tremendously.   Back from the periphery and into the heart of  the matter.  With all the respect that is  due, I’m energized to be calling the shots.  That’s what has me all in.

Championships.  Getting our athletes ready for that level of competition is what gets my giddy up.  And right behind is straight up racing.  Head to head racing, essence of our sport, don’t let anyone tell you feel good  otherwise.

Team Up for Teammates 5K is this weekend.  I’d like to invite racers everywhere to come to Omaha for some serious  business.  But only if you are looking to make it hot.  A modicum of prize money ($100) makes it interesting.  Run Guru Elite is front loaded into the event and are ready to test themselves for early fall fitness.  Four and one half weeks until the inaugural O What a Race in Lincoln.  A couple grand in prize money making that one all business.  A week after that the Freedom  Runs, flattest, fastest half marathon in Nebraska and maybe the entire Midwest.  Every other half in the state chasing Zach’s 1:04:48……

And oh lordy, it seems Market to Market is back on my radar.   An interesting September to be sure and just right around the  corner.  Hope y’all are getting trained up!