Stove up.  Stiffness almost to the point of immobility.  I’ve been waiting a week now to attempt my “Zen Mile”.  Anxious to see where a simple modicum of training has led.  Much bigger goals on the not too far horizon.

Monkey wrench, best laid plans, etc.  Busting up the felled flowering pear, loading the biggest chunks last, headed for the splitter then neatly stacked.  Something somewhere and the last seven days have been most unpleasant.  First couple nights sleepless with acute pain.  Unable to move my head in any direction.  Day 6 now and the dull, deep pain reminds that I’ve lost another step to that s.o.b. Peter Pan.

No tears!  Up at 6 to water the entire garden, pick for Dixie Quicks and Brushi, delivered by 11.  To the Farmers Union Co-Op in Gretna and the load of 1400 pounds of oats and wheat ensconced mice free rightly inside the master suite of Natalie and King, our two barn cats.

Back out to the garden, weeding, Oy vey! Always with the weeding.  The neck and shoulder seemingly most comfortable when bent to the task in the field.  Right stove up.  Never slow down.

And just maybe, tomorrow, a Zen Mile!