I talk, talk, talk about Freedom of  Speech.  I take it further, I live by it.  Swear by it.  Put it in your face.  Challenge you with it.  Effect change with it.

The cost of freedom is hard to quantify.  Sometimes its clear, you give up in order to get.  Pull the plug on the blog or get nothing.   Give up your principles, your opinions, toe the line, dance to the call, do what you are told.  Be like all the others.  Recognize your master.


Jed’s Cost of Freedom is easier to figure.  Twenty four post holes, 4′ deep by 12″ across, a full  day of  digging, you dig?  Twenty two posts, 8′ by 4″ square.  Two posts 8′ by 6″ square.  Forty eight bags of quick setting cement.  Two Hundred feet of 4′ welded wire fencing.  Two 8′ paneled gates.  Seventy two quality grade 1x4s.   Four Sundays in September.

Jedediah is a Free Dog now.  Off the master’s cable .  Free to run the Bar None.

Free to Run.

Free to Bark.