Gerry Lindgren.   World Record in 1965, as a high schooler.  27:11 for 6 miles.  His  13:44 5K as a high schooler would last 40 years until Galen Rupp finally bested in 2004.  1964 Olympic Team.  And a Lindgren.

Will:  Why is Island Living so easy?

Gerry:  Island living is nice because the best of weather is here year round. I can count on great running weather. People are friendly too. I can count on friendly people.

Will:  Name one living person you would like to have a run with

Gerry:  a living person I would like to have a run with is Billy Mills. We could recall great times and console each other on what our bodies will no longer allow

Will:  Whom was your favorite competitor?

Gerry:  My favorite competitor was Ron Clarke of Australia. He raced! There was never any doubt you would be in a super race if he was running.

Will:  Do you have any idea as to what your lifetime miles are?

Gerry:  My lifetime mileage I do not know. I couldn’t even venture a guess…

Will:  Race most proud of?

Gerry:  My proudest race was a 10k race in Germany (Germany vrs. America) that I lost to Tom Laris.

Will:  Race you wish you could have a do-over

Gerry:  The race I wish I could run over is the Northern Division Championship in ’66. I was on world record pace and I let up and missed the record.

Will:  Poke or coconut shrimp?

Gerry:  Coconut shrimp!!!!!!!

Will:  USATF or RRCA?

Gerry:  RRCA. There was not so much road racing in my day. A big road race would include 10-25 runners.

Will:  Favorite running shoe?

Gerry:  Puma had a flat that was so soft and seemed to fit my foot, but I cant recall the name.

Will:  Message to Nebraska distance running community?

Gerry:  NEBRASKA RUNNERS. Be the hammer, not the nail. Get beaten but MAKE it happen, don’t LET it happen.



Gerry and I first met in Portland, 2004 while he was being inducted into the USATF Hall of Fame.

Gerry and Pre battling it out at the NCAA XC Champs.

Whether on dirt or the track, Gerry was the only person able to run with and even out run Steve Prefontaine.