Father of Long Distance Running.  New Zealand in the 40s and 50s and 60s.  Arthur Lydiard.  I met Arthur in Galveston, he sketched out a training plan on a scrap of paper.  One treasure  I wish still resided in my collection.  He changed the way people train and race.

Arthur was a national class runner in his own right, results of his high mileage paradigm.  Used the same methods on the lads from his working class neighborhood.  Created champions and Olympians and Men.  But also entertained anyone that sought his coaching.  His home considered a haven for aspiring talent.

Peter Snell, Barry Magee, Bill Baillie and Jeff Julian at Lydiard’s table.   This book was the inspiration and genesis of Team Nebraska.  Having the best athletes gather for training, meals, and competition.  Developing camaraderie and goals and plans.  I’m still doing the same thing with Run Guru Elite.

Every serious distance runner in Nebraska and America should know the origin of long distance running.  The formula of high mileage followed by hills followed by sharpening followed by racing still the framework  of success.

I want to thank Jordan Tucker.  I thought this, favorite among hundreds in my collection, was lost for the last decade.  Jordan recently unpacked a box and found it.  And mailed back.  He was one of my original boys.

Willie’s Boys.