Pulled the Lindgren Limo into the Columbus Hyatt Regency yesterday.  I’ll be ensconced in the parking lot for the next couple of days.  Machinations abound at the USATF Annual meetings.  Couldn’t afford the airfare or hotel room like every single other USATF attendee.  Making my own way,  carrying my own message.  Beholding to none.  The state of LDR in Nebraska as I see it.   Climate change here.  No umbrage towards our National Governing body, our programs, our requirements, towards me, towards Certification and Sanctioning, towards Championship Racing,

The Lindgren Limo.

Biggest news for your scribe so far is Emma Coburn being named the USATF Athlete of the Year.  A Steeplechaser!  In a sea of sprinters a distance runner emerges!   Jerry Schumacher has been named the Coach of The Year for his work with the Bowerman Track Club.  Congratulations to both Emma and Jerry!

Turned down the Jesse Owens Hall Of Fame Dinner.   I have never owned a  suit in my life.

Packing up late next Friday to head to Lexington, KY.  to watch  Lincoln Running Company Racing, our semi professional running club that represents Eastern Nebraska.  Lincoln now Nebraska’s sole representation at Club Cross.  A whole lot of talented Nebraska athletes unable to make the trip due to 1- Funding (Run Guru Elite) and  2-Fielding a team (Team Nebraska).

So here’s to Lincoln, our only egg in the basket and well played.  The women look formidable, I anticipate the highest finish ever by a women’s  team from Lincoln.
Men’s Masters- 40+, Charles Smith.  50+, Craig Christians.
Open Men- Andrew Jacob, Tom Nichols, Nolan Zimmer, Nolan Border, Jacob Olson, Ryan Dostal.
Open Women- Erica Doering, Sara Fowler, Anna Hazard, Mary Hillis, Cassandra Krings, Hayley Sutter, Katie Wetzstein.

As founder of our state’s USATF LDR program I reserve the right to see Nebraska running in a more global view.  Nolan Zimmer, Jacob Olson, Luka Thor, Matt Pohren, Jay Welp, Grant Wintheiser.  I send these 6 cats to nationals and they come home with a top 10 finish.  Representing Nebraska.  All of Nebraska.