T’was the night before Christmas
And round the Bar None
This year its different
This year its fun
The old Guru he’s been
Especially nice
Now he’s starting to
Maybe think twice
So a little of both is
This year’s treat
I lay this Christmas wrap
At your feet
For those with stockings
Well hung, with care
What are we gonna find
Hanging in there?
All you good little girls?
All you good little boys?
Expecting All your
Good little toys?
If I were Ol Santa
Here’s what I’d lay down
A series of  Races
From Town to Town
You know the names
I needn’t recite
A Competition
Friendly, Polite
To find out who
Is Really the Star
To find out who
We All Really Are
Racing All Round
On Roads Wide Open
For All Nebraska Runners
That’s what I’m Hopin