Or, Speak Again O’ Toothless Wonder!

I haven’t had a Real Meal since November 20.  Jaw woke up on the wrong end of an MMA event.  Antibiotics and half of a half of a painkiller for a few days and the swelling dissipated.  But still chewing on the left side only, same side that I had an extraction earlier in ’17.  Meeting with the dental professionals at THINK Whole Person Health Care yesterday showed a #54 vertical fracture, I’ll bid it adieu a week from today.  Getting old trying to tell me I can’t take a punch like I used to.    Good news is I don’t need dentures.  No Falsies.

I attempt the LA Times crossword every day.  Proficient through level III.  Mental gymnastics key to hot firing synapses.  The Mind is the Athlete.  Getting old doesn’t mean growing old.

Leading edge.  Diet is critical to longevity.  Locally sourced, chemical free, or at a minimum organic foods being touted more every day as primary to living longer.    Part of my  master plan to outlive, outlast, and outplay the competition is to know exactly where my food comes from, whom has handled it, their commitment to my lifestyle.  We endorse Wellensiek Custom Meats (antibiotic and hormone free, grass fed beef and lamb), Timm’s Heritage Pork (antibiotic free, no animal proteins in feed, humanely raised on dirt), and of course Bar None Produce.   We are the only completely chemical free gardeners in the Omaha Metro.  Remember, organic gardeners use organic chemicals, we use nothing.   Seed orders have been placed, I’ll be starting your spring greens in just a couple of weeks!  Be sure and visit all of us at the Village Pointe Farmer’s Market this summer.  And we invite you to contact us about our Boutique Customer program,

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Happy Friday Y’all!