We’re largely sequestered out here at the Bar None.   A trip to town for staples (flour, dairy, liquor) every  other week.  No inclination towards the social high life.  Menard’s or Tractor Supply or Baumgarts Farm Store as necessary.

We do like our company though.  A relatively steady stream of visitors gathering eggs or honey or dried goods or advice.  Bar None General Store.  Cock of the Walk Ashram & High Level Training Center.

As always, everyone welcome.  Except one.  The one with the high fever and cough and runny nose and body aches.  H3N2 flu virus, no need to come knocking.

Hey Fellas!  The Valentine’s Day 5K is mirroring last year’s registrations.  65 pre registered, 45 women and 20 men.  The race also serves as our USATF Nebraska Association Road 5K Championships.

The USA 100 Mile Trail  Championships are this weekend in Huntsville, TX.  Nebraska has had a good showing in previous years.

And at the top of the competitive ladder is the USA Cross Country National Championships in Tallahassee.

USATF, everyone welcome, Bar None.