Been getting a lot of guesses on yesterday’s quiz.  Surprisingly no one has gotten the right trio but every correct name has been cited, a couple of people got 2 out of 3 with different combinations.  Interesting.

So some hints.  One ran her marathon pr of 2:43 at age 22.  One represented the United States at the World Half Marathon Championships. One ran 1:00:05 at my Run For The Arts 10 Miler in Texas.  I’ll reveal the answer if no correct answers by manana.



Kelly Morgan was the first correct respondent.  Left to Right-

Renee Kruse, Machelle Cochran, and Christy Nielsen.  Renee ran the 1997 World Championships Half Marathon in Kosice, Slovenia (1:17:11).  Machelle Cochran ran the RFTA 10 Miler, and Christy Nielsen won the 1997 Memphis Marathon in her still standing pr of 2:43:27.  Thanks to Gary Dougherty for pointing out that in June 2003 we were not quite running under the Brooks banner, thanks for the reminder.

The complete Team Nebraska results, pretty amazing at how well the top 3 ran as a team:

22. Christy Nielsen- 1:17:38
23. Machelle Cochran- 1:17:39
24. Renee Kruse- 1:18:07
41. Michelle Paxton– 1:21:02
58. Ann Ringlein– 1:25:10
61. Michelle Swenson– 1:26:36
62. Maureen Larsen– 1:29:02*

Pam Dubas also traveled with the team and ran in the open division of the half.
*Maureen Larsen suffered an asthma attack in the latter stages, couldn’t breathe at the finish line, and was rushed to medical for treatment.