Saturday April 27, 2019.

This blog keeps me honest and accountable.   To my dreams and goals and visions.   Musings giving expression to what rolls around in my head.  I’ve never hesitated to put it out there (here).  Opening up the discussions that seem important to me.   Hoping to inspire you by showing and telling.

Race Director Tristan Nelson has secured DC West High School for the Five Lakes Marathon.  Full use of the facilities, the race will mirror the Olympics by finishing on the track.  Narrowed our dates down to a preferred Saturday, April 27 2019.  We’ve presented our course to the Valley Waterloo Business Owners Association.   Douglas County.  Dodge County.  City of Valley.  Village of Waterloo.  Schedule packed with additional meetings, infectious enthusiasm our greatest strength, 35 years of road race management in the back pocket.

This then becomes my passion project.  To mentor Tristan, to help him achieve his own dream of a small town, local charm, completely closed road course designed to offer every single runner the opportunity to run to their potential.

Show and Tell.