Well here we are.  For those recent to my musings, you’re seeing a vastly different side that is exactly the same.  Today’s message same as it ever was, barely clothed, eminently clear.

Do with your running what you do with your life.  Do  with your life what you do with your running.

Do it your way.  Don’t let others dictate.   Do it with passion.  Do it with gusto.  Do it with commitment.  Do it like it will define you.

My running life pretty much summed  up right there.  My real life as well.  Rushing in where angels fear to tread.

That is the pat answer as to why April 27, 2019.  There are many more layers to it to be sure, but simply, I’ve always wanted to put on a marathon.  After 35 years in the road race management arena, track and trail and road, the biggest and most elusive-the marathon, still sitting atop my list, box unchecked.  Our management team feels the time is now right for a second spring marathon in Nebraska.  And we all agree that we want it to be something very special.

A closed road, world class marathon in Nebraska.  The only thing left for me to do.

Comes to this.

I’ve offered that 2:10 for men would be a reasonable winning time on a course with less than 20′ total  elevation.

And with the right support its worth a 2:25 for women.