We wrapped up the 2018 Winter Fitness Series Saturday and are pleased with the numbers. Both participation and performance.

Jay Welp and Mark Abrams.  Couple of Real Stud Muffins.  Nolan Zimmer and Matt Pohren, a couple more.  Liz Starbuck and Nicole Norris (Studette Muffins) too.  I appreciate you.  Our mates Jackie Freeman and Craig Halverson.   Zach Jones, Chris McBratney, Stacy Shaw, all our USATF members. For coming out and taking advantage of the fastest USATF Certified and Sanctioned 5K and 10K courses in Nebraska.   Wide open, closed road.  Helping spread the word, little by little…

Full Wolf Moon 5K- 59 finishers
Valentine’s Day 5K- 75 finishers
Halley’s Comet 10K- 16 finishers

Sending each on their way with custom made awards, home baked goodies, hot chocolate, Bar None eggs and man those special muffins!

And a message, a new way to think about marathoning in Nebraska.    Raising awareness and expectations.  There’s an excitement starting to brew.  Little by little, week by week, finding the voice, the concerns, the vision is shared by an ever growing number.  We’re out here.  More than I knew, more than you know.   Runners deserving and entitled, as much as the stud muffins, to the opportunity to run and race unobstructed and free.  As it should be.  #wideopenroads #roadsnotsidewalks #youdeservebetter #whysettle #Spring2019 #Valley #Nebraska #muffins