As the days gradually lengthen our sights turn to Spring’s roads and trails.  Budding trees beckoning us come run,  singing birds encouraging our efforts.

One of the most popular events every March is the Leprechaun Chase, it is this Sunday.   I ran it only once, as a fundraiser for a kids fit program.  A nickel for every female I passed.  Have Fun!

The Blarney Stone 5K, Omaha’s long running celebration of shamrocks and suds.

The Early Bird 10 Mile.  Pink Gorilla moving their efforts into the Omaha scene and we’ll be better off for it.  The bulk of that event will be held at my old dojo.   Something I always wanted but could only dream of now a reality thanks to the work of the Maestro (Ben Cohoon).   One caveat based on my 25,000 miles around Lake Zorinsky, refreeze can be a bear.

I knew something was up, none of  my business I’m sure but still intrigued.  When I first heard  Early Bird was scheduled for March 31st I knew it was the portent of demise for State Farm 10 Mile.  Sure enough, the venerable race will be held for the last time just a week after Early Bird.  Good timing.

Alex Lamme St. Patrick’s Day Dash 5K and 1 Mile in Fremont on 3/17.

I’ve always maintained that I’m only successful with my efforts and advocacies and programs when I am shaking a hand and wishing well.  And it is with those words in mind that I wish Jay Willis Welp all the very best!  Jay is moving to Iowa City, getting married, and changing his kit to Iowa RunAblaze.  He will make his debut at this year’s Shamrock Shuffle.

OK, RunAblaze and the Kansas City Smoke, without question the standards of the Midwest.  Lincoln Running Co. Racing the best of Nebraska, with the promise of potential to reach those upper echelons.

Toilets.  Sinks.  Tub. Showers.  Drains.  Faucets.  Tile.  Backsplash.  Countertops.  Lighting.  Floors.  Completely remodeling our two bathrooms.   Progress at the Bar None.