Best news out at the Bar None?  In a trick that would have ‘Ol Lazarus green with envy our dear sweet Natalie has returned!  I was mentioning to Linda that I can’t pass the windows without looking for her to come, low to the ground-opposite of her big, bold  brother- comport always easily recognized.  Had hardly finished the sentence when she slowly came across Howard and Rose’s preserve for a back yard.  Thin and weak, she’s bounced back to 100%.  Howard and Rose, our eclectic neighbors.  Rose a dental pharmaceutical professor at Creighton, Howard just retired as a biochemistry professor from UNO.  They go to his home in Liverpool every summer.  He has tales of the Cavern and attended university with Prince Charles.  Two  of the brightest minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of, way ahead of the curve if you will.

A small paradigm adjustment (progress!)  in the garden this year.  One section dedicated entirely to 20’X8’  raised bed construction, numbered 1-20.  Six planted yesterday, Gladiator, Javelin, Hollow Crown and Harris Model Parnsips , and 3 rows of  Hablange Parsley Root in 11.  Golden Ball, Shogoin,  and Purple Top White Globe Turnips in 12.  Nelson, YaYa, and Napoli Carrots in 13.  Here’s a trick- plant your radishes in the same furrow as your carrots, sounds counterintuitive but works like magic.  This year I’ve mixed in D’Avignon French Breakfast and Roxanne Hybrid radishes along with.  Red Ace beets in bed 14.  Strike and Maxigolt Peas in 15.  Flamingo Spinach in 3.

I’ve also started 25 flats (72 plants/flat) of leeks, bunching onions, broccoli, collards, swiss chards, lettuces, basil, parsley, kale, kohlrabi, celery, cutting celery, cabbage, and fennel.  All sprouted and growing and looking forward to the move into the new digs, the potting shed, then into their own tidy beds.  I’ll start peppers and tomatoes and eggplant and squashes and melons and peanuts and potatoes and cukes and more as the season rapidly approaches.

Every single thing chemical free.  I like my food like I like my athletes.

Ordered 25 Cornish roasters that Linda and I will butcher in 10-12 weeks, freezer birds.  And another 18 layers, keeping true to my multi-variety, high egg production, colorful feathers and eggs.

And all the while, all around, the cacophony of migration.  Dense racket darkening the skies and setting wonder and awe to all that see.  Learning to love and appreciate this little slice more and more each year.

The Good Mother’s annual show never ceases to amaze.