I was standing completely rigid, gripped in fear.  As the menacing  figure neared I began to panic.  He was pissed and coming straight for me.  I could see his approach but something was wrong.  Part of his face began to shimmer.  And then melt into a glimmer.

I was 19, in boot camp, and had just made up my bunk for inspection.  The Drill Instructor, doing his job with this raw class of recruits, scare the hell out of them.  But my hell had no explanation.

For the last 40 years I’ve experienced what I  call “spells”.  No real trigger, no set frequency, spells just spells.  Usually accompanied by a small headache.  Inconvenient only  when in the company of others really.  Usually passing within a couple to a few minutes.

I have to admit I’ve always  worried  just a little.  Mainly thinking it was some precursor to ocular disease.  Sight, such a gift as to not be taken for granted.

I’ve tried to explain these spells to close associates for years.  Seemingly a singular condition.

As the fates would have it I experienced one of my more significant episodes in the presence of Dr. Bill Weeks.  Getting ready for our Saturday morning run through the hills South of Yutan, things started to blur.  I knew I needed to sit down.  And then began explaining what was manifesting.  Bill knew the answer immediately to the question I’ve been asking my entire adult life.

Migrane with Aura.  A migrane headache without the associated intense pain, light and sound sensititivity, the Real Hell.  Just a glimmer and a shimmer.  Just a certain aura.