Sieze the carp!
Carp.  A freshwater fish native to Midwest rivers.
Carp.  To complain in a demanding way.

At sixty years old I made my very first Friday Night Fish Fry last week.  St. Johns in Valley.  My family grew up poor.   We ate what my dad hunted primarily.  And fished.  Every free day during the summers I’d be at the Lake Fork River with my fishing pole and a box of Wheaties.  Not for breakfast, if you crush them  just right and add a little river water, and Viola!  Wheatie Balls.  The dependable go to when no nightcrawlers available.  Pop that Wheatie in the water and the carp frenzy ensues.  Used to slay those carp with Wheaties.  Dozens loaded onto multiple stringers.

Even the poor have standards.  Carp is a bottom feeder with a bad reputation.  We would take our stringers to the Kearns family, a dozen kids in foster care, recipient of much largesse from our small community.  If there were extras or leftovers or spare, we all knew it would be in good hands with the Kearns.

Carp was on the menu last Friday night and naturally I had to take that trip down memory lane.  Well prepared and presented, tastes exactly as it did 50 years ago.   I might can go another 50.

Our Valley/Waterloo community is becoming more and more our home.   Bar None Produce now a member of the  Valley Waterloo Business Owners Association.  In an unlikely twist your scribe has dove into the civic pool with  gusto.  Unlikely because most of these meetings we’ve been attending start at 6 or 7, later than this guru prefers.

Tristan slayed the Valley City Council at last night’s Valley 7 Lakes Marathon presentation.  The local support for the race grows more with each.  The VWBOA  in attendance lending support to our efforts.  Tristan, only 20 years old, standing toe to toe with the civic giants, accepting each challenge and describing our response.  Ducks in a row, ducks in a row.

The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon now lays claim to the Flattest Marathon In The World with only 21 feet total elevation gain.  Better profile than London, better than Berlin, better than Rotterdam.  Better profile than any run in the United States.  Superlative.  Completely closed road course.  It will be the Only closed road marathon in Nebraska.   It will be the Flattest Marathon In The World.  It will be April 27, 2019.  It will be for you!    Valley and Waterloo beckons.  All proceeds to benefit the DC West Cross Country team and Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.