From 2002-2012 Team Nebraska was one of the most respected USATF Clubs in the U.S.   My mantra for over 10 years was “My way or the highway.”   Because there was No Other Way.

Our USATF highway is now well paved.  With a veritable plethora of “ways”.  All these ways, steered, pointed, and  guided by sundry interests.  Comprising athletics in Nebraska as we see it today.

The original bedrock however remains the same.  The vision for our USATF Nebraska Association’s LDR Program will not change.   Advocating for USATF members.

An analogy.  At Monday’s Valley/Waterloo Business Owner’s Association meeting the President indicated that those sitting  at the table would enjoy the rewards of the group’s efforts.  Member organization, member benefits.   If your not at the table, well…..

Our USATF Highway has broad shoulders, welcomes all USATF member clubs, all USATF members, regardless of ability, regardless of kit,    For the last 17 years, USATF Nebraska has strived to educate the running community.   To elevate expectations in road race management.  The USATF perspective.

Think of this for just a moment.  With USATF Nebraska LDR we enjoy Team Nebraska, LRC Racing, Club 402,  Run Guru Elite.  The USATF clubs that serve our deserving athletes.

There have been a lot of contributors to our USATF Nebraska Highway.  None more important than our athletes.   The vision and mission will not change.

We’re still trying to iron out our 2018 USATF Nebraska Association LDR Championships schedule.  We’ve conducted our road 5K champs and have the State Farm 10 Mile on March 24, and Havelock 3K on June 2nd.  We are still looking for events to host our 2018 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon championships, at a very minimum.   If your race, no matter the distance,  is interested please reach out to our LDR Chair or USATF Association President, Rubin Carter