If you can’t stand the heat.  Felt like an oven again this morning so backed the mileage down to a manageable 5 spot.  A quarter century in Houston should have inured me to this midwest summer of 2011 but it has been tough.  It takes more than a little sweat and discomfort for me to bail on my passion though.  Whether it be my own daily training, or the goals I’ve set for TNB and the Nebraska running community, I’m not going anywhere soon.  I’ve dealt with Real Heat before.

These came straight out of my garden last night.  A couple of Fatalis and a couple of Habaneros.  The Fatalis are even hotter than the Habeneros.  I took a bite of one last night so that I would know what I was working with in my kitchen.  Any Great Chef would do the same.  When faced with an unknown heat level, the only way to proceed is to familiarize yourself with what you are going to be working with.  This shapes your expectations of  what you will anticipate of others.   There is an analogy to the running community here.  I’ve taken a big bite out of some of the self proclaimed toughest hombres around and am still here to talk about it.  I talk plenty and won’t be going anywhere soon.  My Kitchen, my garden, my dojo, my community, these are what I love.

Bring on the Heat!  I apply that mentality to my own racing and it shapes my expectations of TNB’s.  Just because I expect a win in every single race  does not mean I lack sportsmanship, au contraire mon ami!  In fact, Bring on the Heat!  If I expect victorious results and records it is only with the necessary competition that they mean anything.  The Real Sporting life, whether up at the top or at our own water level, requires worthy challenges to earn and deserve respect and credibility.  And I beg and plead for competition for both myself and my mates.

Updates on a couple of our mates:  Shannon Stenger is going through a major injury and will be on the shelf for most the rest of this year.  Chris Tegtmeier is working with some of the top running medical people in the country (including Dr. Phil Maffetone) trying to diagnose his bouts of spontaneous lethargy.  Best of luck to both as they rehab this fall.

Wednesday night Track Workout at Millard West, 6:00 pm:
1-1.5 mile warm up and down
If you are running this weekend’s Ted E. Bear Hollow: 6 X 1/4 @ goal race pace minus :10, 2:00 easy jog & hydration break between each effort
If you are training up for Corporate Cup: 3 X 1 Mile @ goal race pace, 4:00 easy jog & hydration break between each effort