God Bless Mr. Romine.  My 8th grade basketball coach gave this advice based on my diminutive stature.  I finished my junior high school career with a grand total of 1 free throw to my credit.  It happened like this:  Dribbling down the court and a bigger fella tried to steal the ball with a blatant foul.  I  made the free throw.  With the inbounds pass I went directly after my aggressor and knocked him on his ass.  My coach pulled me and that was my career.

One of the perks of this blog is the frequent emails received.  I hear a lot of inspiring stories.  Get compliments and complaints.    Inbox pinged last week with the admonition that I should “Stick To Gardening.”

I do go on about all things running.  And not everyone will send glowing reviews.   I’ve spent the last 17 years upsetting the local apple cart if you will.  Trying to advance programs and a vision.

I count the past decade and a half a success.  USATF members and clubs.  Course certification.  Competition.  Community programs.  Personal coaching.  Working with those that share my passion.   Educating the running community to a better way.

Bar None Produce is an extension of my running philosophy.   We proudly proclaim our methods and product to be superior, Bar None.  We back it up with hard work supporting a vision.  No other completely chemical free market gardeners in the Metro or maybe even Nebraska.  Educating the public to a better way.  I get emails about gardening too.  Telling us how much we are appreciated.  Telling me to “Stick to Running.”

My personal best of 2:07 for 800 meters, set in 1990 at age 32.   28 years ago, in flats.   All Comers Meet at Rice University.   I’m still running and playing checkers and gardening.