Our Nebraska USATF LDR Program is celebrating its 16th year.  Think about that for a moment.  Where were you in 2002?  I’d wager some of you were still in middle and high school.  One of the most important aspects of this blog is that it provides a historical record.  For all those that  played and are playing their part.  USATF.

Not RRCA.  Not WECRAWL.  Please don’t ever confuse or combine the programs.

Nebraska USATF LDR endures.  There have been tremendous highs and necessary lulls.  Hundreds and hundreds of athletes have been served.

There are athletes whose contributions and performances must never be forgotten.  Their contributions to the fabric the very stitching that keeps our sundry kits together.  They all wore Red & White for the first 8 years.  I’ll forever wonder why there were no post collegiate club opportunities for our Nebraska athletes before 2002.   There were athletes to be sure.  Roxi Erickson was selected for a USA World Championships Marathon team.  Mary Amen and Nancy Stanley of Lincoln worked with me in the Association Athlete Development Program in the late 1990s.    They just had no one to advocate and organize for them as a unit.

Why all this old hash on your breakfast plate?

One of the items I have proposed for our upcoming USATF Nebraska LDR meeting is the establishment of a Hall of Fame.    USATF membership and excellence the  two mandatory  requirements.   Or making an Olympic Trials or World Championships prior to 2002, both of those requiring membership in our national  governing body.

Think about your own list of nominees.  Who represents USATF excellence at the highest levels?  I’ve got a few names written down.  Those from 2002 through 2012.  I’ve another list of athletes that I am hopeful will make the breakthrough, rise to the very top of USATF Nebraska LDR.